church of banana-Feed the world

Concept and Choreography: Kasia Wolińska, Martin Hansen

Performance: Eva Tanko, Ivo Serra, Kasia Wolinska + special guest

Audio: Kasia Wolińska

Video: Martin Hansen

In the performance the following songs are used:

We are the world various artists

Heal the world   Michael Jackson

Do they know its Christmas time Band Aid

Banana Boat Harry Belafonte

Special thanks to: Alistair Watts, Thomas Plischke, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Jean Ziegler, Hanna Kritten Tangsoo, Goethe Institut Berlin

There’s no fatality. Death is not tonight. Or at least,thanks God,

its them instead of you. Christmas time food crisis

AMERICAN DREAM and the great conspiracy. We

should know, we have our best preachers telling us about it. What is going on? Dark Forces. The great

Trembling. Secret Agents with their secret agendas

and above all - homeland security. The Holy

Mission. The unholy masquerade. The power of

nightmare. We are the Children. We all wet our

beds. The Globe is warming. U2 is releasing their

new album to be downloaded for free. Mass

protests around the world. Just a Few hours before

they were enemies, now the greatest artists are

coming together,ignoring their artistic differences

they speak as one – Feed the World.

Peace and Love. And everlasting Beauty. And the great

resurrection of Walt Disney.


The Church of Banana choreographs oxygen and

other elements to help us understand why we need

to feed the world, why its hungry in the first place

and why above all we are the ones who feed.

The Church of the Banana was founded in 2013 in Berlin by Eva Tanko, Kasia Wolinska and Martin Hansen. Still exists.